March 15, 2017

Black BtSSB cutsew OP outfit.

Today in black, although that's color I wear rarely. The BtSSB Cherry patterned mesh cutsew OP is from an easy to wear, soft cutsew material, highwaisted and very comfortable. I went really for the comfort side. The dress has a cute ribbon instead of waist ties, to be ties in front. I paired it with Innocent World's socks with torchon lace and cute little bows. The headbow is a present I got four years ago :3

March 4, 2017

Goodbye, Love Jewelry skirt

This was my Bodyline skirt L346, Love Jewelry print in pink. It has soft pink ruffle on the hem and wonderful, crips print which can be used in both sweet and classic coordinates and it was one of my first items!

Despite that, I never wore it, as I simply don't have red items to match the print. I'm such a packrat I haven't sold a single lolita item the last six years.. time to change!

This skirt was the first to go. I took a few last photos to remember it by.