November 20, 2017

TV: Deka Wanko

Deka Wanko is a tv serie about a newbie detective Wanko, a lifestyle lolita with an extremely sharp smell sense she uses to help solve crimes. The serie is a mix of detective and comedy, very fun to watch!

Wanko dresses a lot in Angelic pretty, in white, red and black colors but you can see also blue, lavender and others mixed in. She wears dotted patterns, striped socks, minihat and a leather jacket a lot making the outfit have punk-ish, rebellious vibe while still being fantastically pulled together. Not my style but very wearable! She also often wears turtlenecks under JSKs, making it instantly more casual and practical.

My favorite outfits of hers are:
Angelic Pretty's Fantastic Dolly, because these dots and lavender are just refreshing.
Bodyline's dress. because I have the same in red color and it's very comfortable :3
Angelic Pretty's Sugary Carnival, because.. well, its Sugary Canival. And the coat is cute :)


All her outfits can be found on This website!

November 15, 2017

Angelic Pretty Luckypacks

Overview of Angelic Pretty's luckypacks, the whole print set ones issued for the New year. They come in several colors and cuts and a special pack which contains extra items like a coat :3

2007                                               2008

(Picture by Xelyna)                       (Picture by Xelyna)

2009/2010 Original Print                 2010/11 Lyrical Party

 2011/12 A La Carte Tea Time                      2012/13 Dream Fantasy

 2013/14 Candy Sprinkle                             2014/15 Cotton Candy Shop

 2015/16 Whip factory                         2016/17 Wonder Toy

October 23, 2017

Angelic Pretty's Wonder Party

I really liked the print in sax from first sight but seeing it in person in 2013, I made my mind about buying it. The dress is definetly sweet, yet the teacup motif gives it a light classical vibe - no animals or foods! and the sax colorway is a pleasant slightly dusty shade. As the dress is quite expensive so I got a skirt.. I needed a fancy skirt anyway!

There was a detachable bow at the skirt, with cute little untesils. The skirt is has a built in petticoat, custom lace, partial shirring, side zipper, detachable waist ties, and - behold - a pocket! 

I quickly put together a coord with offbad accessories and Bodyline blouse and cardigan. The Bodyline sax cardigan is absolutely adorable by the way, with many cute small details and quality lace. I ended up using the detachable bow in place of headbow for the coord in the end.
My absolute favorite is this photo of me from Valentine's meetup in 2017.

October 16, 2017

Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope

Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Horoscope appeared in Angelic Pretty's Summer Catalog 2012,

and also in KERA.

I immediately fell for it. Cute, astronomical theme, it was like made for me. For a while the pictures just sat in my computer folder and I collected it's outfits on my tumblr while I didn't dare to invest so much into such a sweet sack dress. Eventually, as I didn't let go and kept wanting it, I bought the JSK in navy in 2014!

Within four months, I managed to collect everything I needed for a coord to make the dress it's deserved justice: navy tea parties, barette, star-shooting OTKs, spacious pink bag and pink blouse!

                  AP Dreamy Horoscope JSK in navy
                  Blouse: Bodyline
                  OTKs: Secret Shop
                  Socks: ebay
                  Shoes: An*tai*na
                  Bag: offbrand
                  Not pictured: white Dreamy Horoscope barette 
                         too big to do anything with in my outfits T.T

Here's the finished navy x pink outfit I wore for the June meetup! (2014)
It can be combined with white too, as in my casual IDL outfit ^.^ (2016)

I even tried to make it work with a navy long sleeved shirt using wristcuffs! (2017)
            I'm never letting this dress go :3

October 14, 2017

Best way to keep up with blog updates

Lolita fashion is one of the niche interests where blogging is very common. We read each other blogs for fun and inspiration. However, when reading a handful of blogs, it may become hard to keep track of them. So I started to look into best way to track updates of my favorites.

Web browser bookmarks

The most simple way. Just bookmark the blogs into one bookmark folder. I have been using this and unless you just sometimes read a few blogs, I don't recommend it. You have to manually check each blog and see if there is anything new. Ouch!

Follow blogs on Blogspot

Blogspot has a functionality which allows you to follow other blogspot blogs. Then they appear in a list of blogs you follow and you can conveniently read new blog posts in Blogspots Reading List. It's all great..  but works only for blogspot blogs! :'-(

RSS feed

It's a common functionality of blogs, most all blogs have RSS. RSS works in such a way that you subscribe to RSS of the blogs you want to track and it alerts you to new content on the subscribed blogs. To use RSS, you need an RSS reader, in which the posts from all the blogs you follow will be chronologically listed. There are many RSS readers out there to pick from. My favorites are...

Both are free, very popular, and have similar functionality. You can add blogs, sort them into folders, and you're notified of new blog posts and can read them there. So which one is better?

Feedly vs. Bloglovin'

Bloglovin' changed its functionality  (details here). Basically, instead of being just RSS reader, Bloglovin' now COPIES the content of people's blog posts. Which means, you don't get blog post views, you don't see the comments written toward your blog posts copy in Bloglovin', and so on. And if you remove a blog post from your blog, it still stays on Bloglovin', (like in this case). Which is why Im moving from Bloglovin' to Feedly.

What is your favorite way to keep up with blog posts?